Black Mamba's Race Schedule

Our plans for the 2003 race season are this: After taking the Mamba from winter storage and setting her up for the season at the yet to be announced IHBA Test & Tune Session at Firebird International in Chandler, Arizona in late March or early April, the Team plans to race the Mamba in five (5) Division 1, IHBA races with the objective of winning the ProEliminator High Points Championship in that division. Other events where we may race the boat are, a NJBA race in California, a proposed purse race at Camp Far West Reservoir, California (just north of Sacramento), a joint IHBA/SLDBA race in Quincy, Illinois and/or a purse race at Lake Catherine, Arkansas. While we may enter one or more of these events, our principle focus for 2003 is to finish high in the Division I, IHBA PE Class Championship standings, finances permitting.

20th Annual Lakefest 2003 (Ntl. & Div. 1)
Firebird Raceway/Phoenix, Arizona
Race Dates: May *2nd, 3rd, & 4th

27th Annual Nitro Nationals
(Ntl., Div. 1 & 6)
Lake Red Bluff, California (Memorial Day Weekend)
Race Dates: May 24th & 25th (Show Shine on the 23rd)

12th Annual Marble Falls Lakefest
(Ntl., Div. 1 & 2)
Marble Falls, Texas
Races Dates: August *8th, 9th, & 10th

3rd Annual California Finals
(Ntl. & Div. 1 & 6)
Lake Yosemite, Merced, California
Race Dates: September 6th & 7th

20th Annual IHBA World Finals
(Ntl. & All Divisions)
Firebird Raceway/Phoenix, Arizona
Race Dates: October 23rd - 26th